Sinan Mansions Heritage
Sinan Mansions’ heritage dates back to 1920, in the heart of the then French Concession in Shanghai, China. In the ensuing decade, the area bounded by Rue Lafayette (now Fuxing Road) on the north, Route Massenet (now Sinan Road) on the west and Avenue Dubail (now South Chongqing Road) on the east had developed into a hub of high society where dignitaries, entrepreneurs, professionals and renowned artists frequented and lived. Shanghai Municipal Investment spearheaded a $3.5 billion restoration project to revitalize Shanghai’s former glory.


Embracing Heritage, Setting Trends
The theme of the entire project is embracing heritage and setting trends. The design team was dedicated to respect and restore the historical features of the ancient buildings. In this regard, the designers referred to the original architectural drawings of those century-old buildings. Except for the necessary improvements to the airconditioning and heating, architects also adhered to the principle of restoring the heritage of the buildings, during which process they paid great attention even to details such as the color of the floor to achieve this goal.

According to the planning, Sinan Mansions project consists of four complementary function precincts – the Commercial Precinct (“The Destination”), the Hotel Precinct (“The Chateau”), the Residential Precinct (“The Condominiums”), and the Corporate Precinct (“The Hub”). Sinan Mansions, regarded as “a New Name Card” for Shanghai, boast rich Chinese culture and time-honored architectural history, demonstrating a perfect combination of Chinese history and western culture as well as a harmonious interaction of history and contemporary. Sinan Mansions are currently an integrative community of high quality residential and commercial hubs.


The Hotel Precinct
With a gross floor area of 100,000 sf, there are 19 heritage garden mansions; 15 of which are scheduled for living and meeting, three for entertainment and one for reception. Heritage garden mansions range from 5,900 to 6,500 sf with 3-4 stories, all of which are in one of the distinct interior decoration styles – contemporary, semi-classic, classic and banquets. Garden mansions for living and meeting are equipped with living and dining rooms, entertainment rooms, steam rooms and gyms. Limousine services and full-time butlers are on request anytime during the stay in the mansions.


The Commercial Precinct
The gross floor area of the precinct is approximately 226,000 sf, consisting of 25 old and new buildings along Fuxing Road, Chongqing Road and Sinan Road. Buildings are linked by five outdoor piazzas and a network of pedestrian promenades. The commercial precinct is a paradise for shoppers who value top quality and exclusive designs, food and wine connoisseurs, art and luxurious item collectors as well as general consumers who cherish the project’s unique setting and atmosphere.


The Corporate Precinct
There are 10 heritage garden mansions that are arranged into a business are, which are linked by internal vehicular passes and pedestrian promenades to attract financial institutions and high-value product traders.


The Residential Precinct
The precinct is designed especially for the world’s discerning real property buyers and investors. All 118 condominium units, comprising four blocks of newly built low-rise buildings, are in fully-fitted conditions. Co-managed by the hotel, entertainment facilities from the Commercial precinct as well as five star services — 24-hour security services, banquet facilities and restaurants, in-door gyms and spas — are available throughout the residential community.