Water is like the blood circulation of the city.

Nowadays, safe water resources, plentiful water storage, clean water quality and beautiful water environment have become the basic indexes for the evaluation of urban development and living environment. They also serve as the important safeguards for urban economic growth stamina and the construction of harmonious society.

Since the last century, the water resource site of Shanghai has changes several times. Nevertheless, scarcity of high quality water restrained the city’s development. After meticulous study and scientific discussions, Municipal Party Committee and Government of Shanghai formulated the water sources strategy of “dispatching with one network, relying on two rivers and complementation of three water resources”. The waterworks have undergone intense restoration and expansion. The citizens have been benefiting from plentiful water storage and excellent water quality. Urban drainage, especially large sewage transportation system and terminal treatment factories have been established successively, which lays a solid base for the improvement of urban flood prevention capacity and water environment.

Chengtou Water endeavors to create a clean and abundant water environment that benefits the citizens in Shanghai.


Two Rivers and Three Sources
After 15 years of argumentation and 5 years of design and construction, Qingcaosha water source site project was completed, which has fundamentally changed the severe shortage of qualified water source in Shanghai. Nowadays, along with Yangtze River Chen Hang Resrvoir and the up-stream raw water of Huangpu River, Qingcaosha enables Shanghai to form a new urban water-supply pattern of relying on “two rivers and three water resources”, which alleviates the scarcity of quality water in Shanghai.


Shanghai Waterworks of a Century-long History
The development of Shanghai waterworks industry is the reflection of Chinese waterworks history. Employees of Shanghai waterworks have been committed to providing the metropolis with safe and quality water. Downtown waterworks like the century-old Yangshupu Water Plant and restructured Nanshi Water Plant have upgraded the advanced treatment line with improves the drinking water treatment capacity continuously. As a result, drinking water in Shanghai becomes increasingly plentiful, safe and excellent in quality.


Flood Prevention and Sewage Treatment
As a coastal city, Shanghai is frequently susceptible to typhoons. In the past, due to the poor facilities for flood prevention, water tended to gather in lower areas in rainy days and the ratio of sewage collection and standard treatment was low, which impeded the production and life of the residents. To guarantee the urban safety during the flood season, Shanghai Chengtou quickens the pace to restructure downtown drainage system enabling the drainage capacity to meet with high standard. Focusing on the three-year environment protection plan, the company has successively completed large sewage treatment plants and sewage transportation channels line projects like Zhuyuan and Bailonggang, which have substantially improved the urban sewage treatment ratio and the overall quality of the city’s water environment.