Buildings and housing constitute the steel basis of a city.

Aiming at satisfying needs, ensuring supply, inheriting culture and creating eco-system, Shanghai Municipal Investment strives to be the constructor of household projects by exploring a way between social security and commercial housing with Chinese characteristics and Shanghai feature; the pioneer of establishing low-carbon ecological communities by following urban development trends and meeting citizens’ new demand; a protector of the city’s historical heritage by restoring and preserving Shanghai-style cultural architectures. SMI Property makes efforts to build up green and livable homestead of wisdom and harmony.


From Old Shacks to New Apartments
In order to address the lack of quality housing among Shanghai citizens, low-income housing projects have been completed consecutively, such as Songjiang-Sijing, Yangpu-Jiangwan, Jiading-Jiangqiao, Pudong-Sanling, and Qingpu-Xujin residential projects. The “Four-in-One” low-income housing system featuring public rental housing, low-rent housing, affordable housing and relocation housing has been established. Three major transformations have been fulfilled, namely, from the single mode to coexistence of multiple modes, from satisfying basic household demands to the overall improvement of living quality, and from scattered small-scale construction to whole-area development of large communities.


From Deserted Airport to New Community
The New Jiangwan City, in the northeast are of downtown Shanghai, used to be an abandoned military airport-Jiangwan Airport. Aiming at the green ecological harbor, and international intellectual town, New Jiangwan City implemented construction concepts such as “underground before surface, environment before buildings, and supporting facilities before settlement”. With the realization of the joint development of community, school and hi-tech park districts, New Jiangwan City has turned into a dazzling jade after continuous carving and refinement. The interaction between schools and communities, the mutual facilitation between working and inhabitation, the dynamic integration of natural environment and cultural wealth have created an urban lifestyle and cultural atmosphere featuring the harmonious coexistence of human beings, nature and society. In a word, New Jiangwan City has become a homeland symbolizing the new dreams of Shanghai.


From Ancient Images to New Landmarks
Many historic and cultural heritage architectures have been renovated, allowing the citizens to touch the marks and vestiges of the history, and to perceive the background and charms behind the city’s development. Imbued with rich history and cultural implications, Sinan Mansion has become a community of unique characteristics, an outstanding example of cultural heritage architecture preservation, as well as a new fashion icon, displaying the city’s disposition. Luxiang Garden project, which is currently in construction, will also represent a transition from a burden of the city into the urban highlight.


Shanghai Tower in Shanghai’s Heart
Standing for the ultra-high-rise buildings, Shanghai Tower not only challenges the urban skyline, but also becomes a vertical, green and intellectual skyscraper cultural community. As a new city landmark, Shanghai Tower builds up a new image and a new height for the city to realize innovation-driven transition and development, and to promote the goal of creating a metropolis with “four centers”.