Urban environment is an embodiment of the charisma and image of a city.

The city was beset with the inefficient solid waste transport barges, unsatisfying sanitary condition and garbage heaps in corners. Today, a modern systematic industrial chain for solid waste treatment has been established to cover the whole process of waste collection, transfer, storage, disposal and recycling, which was recognized as a sanitation operation model by World Expo Shanghai. The concept of “reduction, harmless and recycling” in waste treatment has been realized. Suzhou Creek, which used to be a black and odorous “mother river”, recovers its youth and vitality with clear water and clean banks. Shanghai Municipal Investment shoulders the task of treating over 70% of the city’s municipal solid wastes, all the medical wastes and nearly 50% of the dangerous industrial wastes. SMI Environment goes to the greatest length to shape a sanitary and ecological urban environment.


The Revival of Suzhou Creek
In the development of modern industry, large sums of industrial waste water and household sewage used to be discharged directly into Suzhou Creek, smearing the beauty of the mother river of Shanghai. After the long-term comprehensive treatment, Suzhou Creek revives its vitality miraculously. It becomes the place for innovation and leisure in Shanghai, as the old industrial prosperity is replaced by the livable environment.


The Updating and Upgrading of Sampans
From manual sampans to powered ships, from tugboats to automotive cargo barges, from loosely packed ships to containers, and from badly-worked cartage to modern logistic containerized transfers, the modes of solid waste transportation in Shanghai have undergone revolutionary transformations. Landscape water site sanitation has become routine, and the standard transfer and disposal system for medical wastes has facilitated the environmental protection cause of Shanghai.


Low-carbon Processing of Garbage Hills
For the lack of a concentrated municipal solid waste treatment base and advanced treatment technique, garbage hills emerged one after another on the outskirts of Shanghai. Today, a series of waste disposal facilities have been upgraded in succession, such as Jiangqiao Solid Waste Incineration Plant, whose smoke emission standards parallel the EU standards, Laogang Solid Waste Landfill of standard leachate treatment, and medical waste transfer and disposal system of specification and high efficiency.