Corporate Logo

The logo of Shanghai Municipal Investment, or SMI, consists of the Chinese character of Shanghai Municipal Investment on the top and the English initial smi on the bottom. The red tittle on top of the lower case “i” is formed by two “C”s and four pieces of magnolia petals, which vividly depicts the shape of the Chinese characters ” (Zhong)” and ” (Guo)” respectively – ” (Zhong)” ” (Guo)” reading together, stands for “China” in Chinese language. The logo demonstrates that based in Shanghai, SMI extends its business beyond geographic proximity by opening up to the world and future. From another perspective, the four pieces of magnolia petals also depicts the shape of Chinese character ” (Shen),” standing for “Shanghai” in Chinese language, which delineates the spec-tacle of main highways in Shanghai and reflects the four centerpieces of Shanghai Municipal Investment’s business. The white color of magnolia represents pureness and elegance, while the red color of the outline border demonstrates proactiveness and enthusiasm. The logo, as a whole, reveals SMI’s commitment to its corporate philosophy of “Better City, Better Life” by creating intangible assets with tangible inputs.

Corporate Philosophy

As a state-owned enterprise that centers on three focuses — investment and financing, major project construction and city’s infrastructural operational agenda, SMI is consistently committed to its corporate philosophy of “Better City, Better Life” and takes on multiple roles during the course as practitioner of infrastructural investment and construction, forerunner of environmental protection, guardian of water security, constructer of livable city and pioneer of market management. In aiming to enhance Shanghai city’s overall strength and ensure the operational agendas, SMI shoulders social responsibility to improve living conditions of its citizens by devoting great efforts to creating better city life.

Corporate Vision

With three main focuses, SMI has formed its corporate identity as “serving the government and its citizens’ heart and soul as well as coping with the market needs.” In this regard, Shanghai Municipal Investment envisions carrying out its three focuses firmly — investment and financing, major project construction and city’s infrastructural operational agenda. By proactively adjusting corporate structure, expanding the market and improving management, SMI, centering on infrastructural investments, constructions and operations, strives to become a top tier competitive and sustainable group with functional organizational structure and efficient operational system. SMI serves the government and its citizens, and has completed various projects excellently, thus aiming to receive recognition from the whole society.