SMI Affiliates and Subsidiaries

Shanghai SMI Assets Management (Group) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai SMI Highway (Group) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai SMI Water (Group) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai SMI Holding Co., Ltd.
Shanghai SMI Environmental Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Laogang Solid Waste Utilization Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., Ltd.
Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd.
Greenland Group
Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd.
Guotai Junan Securities, Co., Ltd.

Executive Leadership

Qiang Liu – Chairman of the Board
Edward Martin – Vice Chairman (Adviser)
Tom Tao – President
Ling Chen – Vice President
Doris Xiaohua Wu – Chief Project Officer
Kevin Gao – Chief Administrative Officer
Angela Yingjie Gao – Chief Operating Officer
Jingwen Huang – Counsel